Community Capital and ComCap Advisors, a division of Community Capital, are specialists in the areas of municipal finance, affordable housing consulting, real estate, and community development.
The Power Center Community Development Corporation engaged Community Capital to serve as financial advisor for its multi-phase planned development – Eden Square Town Center.
Community Capital serves as local development partner for the redevelopment of the former Lamar Terrace public housing site - University Place

Community Capital

Community Capital was formed in 1999 to provide financial advisory and consulting services in the areas of affordable housing, community development and municipal finance.  Community Capital works with its clients to develop and implement creative and unique financing strategies that provide capital for various community development, affordable housing and municipal projects.  The firm also seeks to improve the quality of life in urban areas through the development of affordable housing and neighborhood-scale commercial projects.

ComCap Advisors

In 2007, the firm branded and renamed its municipal practice, ComCap Advisors, a division of Community Capital.  ComCap Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm that serves our public sector clients including cities, counties, utilities, schools, airports and other quasi-governmental entities.

Welcome to Community Capital and ComCap Advisors, a division of Community Capital. The firm was formed in 1999 to provide affordable housing and community development consulting services. In 2002, our services were expanded to include municipal financial advisory services to the public sector clients. In 2007, ComCap Advisors was branded as the municipal finance division of Community Capital.

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